Start Young.

We believe that everyone should learn how to protect their well-being from as young as possible. Hence, we design a variety of programmes specifically for schools – relevant to both students and teachers.

Mindset Board Game

One of our most successful and engaging programmes, the Mindset Board Game is a experiential and fun tool that helps participants discover the differences between Growth and Fixed Mindsets.

Recommended for all ages!

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Amazing Mindset Race

The Amazing Mindset Race helps students put the Growth Mindset to practice in an outdoor setting. It engages students in amazing-race type activities and emphasises the importance of effort.

Recommended for primary and secondary school.

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Positive Education for Teachers

Schools are the primary place where values are instilled in our younger generations. We help teachers understand validated ways to improve well-being whilst still forwarding the traditional goals of schools.

Recommended for teachers.

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Mindset Matters

This workshop helps participants understand how their mindset interprets the world around them, resulting in consequent responses. They can learn the skill of reframing their mindset to achieve a more resilient response.

Recommended for upper secondary and tertiary schools.

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