What exactly is Happiness?

Is it an elusive idea, or is it something that you can choose to experience?

Dive into the latest science and research behind happiness and well-being in our Happiness 101 experiences!

What we will cover:

1. Why is Happiness elusive
2. Misconceptions about Happiness
3. Choices we can make to be happier

Why Is This Important?

Our Next Session

Our Happiness 101 sessions typically happens once a month, and RSVP will start two weeks before the event. Do follow us on Peatix to get an update once RSVP starts!



I enjoyed the session, especially the self evaluation exercises and the insights regarding human behaviour. Looking forward to the next one!

Budhaditya Bhattacharya, Wayv Digital
I love the  various interactive activities that helped the audience understand the point that the speaker is trying to bring across. The content was understandable by the general audience, skilfully phrased by the speaker without any jargon.
Vivien Lai, The Lion Mind
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