Corporate Programmes

Why is Well-Being Important in Workplaces?

Improves Employee Satisfaction

Improves Employee Productivity

Improves Employee Creativity

Why Us?

We deliver the insights through two mediums – workshops and film screenings.

Long-Term Experiences
Year-long engagement for employees, with options for shorter engagements

Engaging Experiences
Delivered through interactive workshops and film screenings

Impact Analysis
Impact will be measured via surveys done before and after the programmes

Programme Highlights

Understanding Happiness

Happiness may seem like a fluffy idea. But contrary to that, happiness can be defined and measured. In fact, many economists and policy makers are interested in this topic. This session helps participants to understand what is happiness and the problem of happiness. Participants will learn a skill to mitigate the problem of happiness.

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Mindset Matters

Have you ever wondered why some people bounce back faster than others? This workshop helps participants to develop an awareness of how their mindset interprets an event. This interpretation then shapes the resulting feelings and actions taken. Participants will learn the skill to be aware of their mindset and ways to shift it.

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Meaning in Work

This workshop will offer insights as to why some of us hate our jobs and dread going to work, while others brim with passion and excitement. Participants will gain awareness of what gives them meaning, and how work can either be meaningful or meaningless. Participants will learn a skill to cultivate greater meaning in their work.

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Film Experiences

Film is a powerful medium that can engage audiences and start meaningful conversations. Rather than screening the usual blockbuster movies, why not make your corporate movie outings more impactful? Different film focuses on different themes, and depending on the needs of the organisation, we can propose relevant films to suit the purpose.

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Customised Experiences

Every organisation is unique. We will be happy to customise experiences for you depending on the needs of the organisation.

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