We are a social enterprise that translates the science of happiness and well-being into actions people can take.

Happiness Is Serious

Happiness is a serious issue. There is a growing body of science and research around happiness and well-being.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The number of people with mental health conditions has been on the rise. Despite having more accessible treatments and awareness campaigns, the trend remains worrying.

Happiness Can Be a Choice

We help people learn about the choices towards happiness and well-being. Hence, taking a preventive approach towards mental health conditions.

Our programmes are all rooted in science. And our experiences are engaging and fun

The Team


Simon is very fascinated by the science of wellbeing, and is very passionate about helping people discover the choices they can make to be happier.

He holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Simon lives in Singapore and travels frequently for consultancy work and for inspiration.


 Sherman started out as a commodities trader covering Africa, spending a lot of time in the continent. The experience drastically changed his perspective of life, which eventually led him to co-found Happiness Initiative.

He is very passionate about building inclusive communities, and really understanding how we can make the world a kinder, more empathetic place in a sustainable way.

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