Through workshops, coaching, and consultancy, we share the science of wellbeing – research, theory, and evidence-based practices to cultivate protective factors. We go further by giving you the space for introspection – shaping your own wellbeing journey.


We run talks to introduce the science behind protective factors such as mindset, resilience, optimism, mindfulness, self-regulation, self-determination, self-efficacy, physical activity, to name only a few. These talks aim to inspire participants to adopt practices to cultivate these protective factors. As every organisation has different needs, it will be customised to cater to your needs.


We also run workshops that help participants better digest the concepts behind positive psychology. These workshops are designed around the needs of the organisation, and aims to inspire participants to adopt practices to improve their well-being.


Some of us may be looking for in-depth personalised intervention. This allows you to gain better understanding of your strengths and what protective factors are more relevant to your needs. This can come in the form of individual or team coaching. Feel free to have a chat with us.


Some of us may be looking at fostering a culture of wellbeing within your organisation. We can explore ways to foster greater wellbeing through nudges brought about by systems and processes. Our team has years of experience developing programmes for local and international organisations.

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Discover Growth and Fixed Mindsets Through Gameplay!

The Mindset Board Game is the first of its kind in the world. Developed by Happiness Initiative, it introduces the principles of Growth and Fixed mindsets – a theory by Carol Dweck, a psychology professor from Stanford University.

Instead of telling participants the differences between Growth and Fixed mindsets, participants discover the differences themselves, through the Mindset Board Game.

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