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The Mindset Board Game is the first of its kind in the world. Developed by Happiness Initiative, it introduces the principles of Growth and Fixed mindsets – a theory by Carol Dweck, a psychology professor from Stanford University.

Instead of telling participants the differences between Growth and Fixed mindsets, participants discover the differences themselves, through the Mindset Board Game.

The key to getting the most out of the Mindset Board Game is facilitation. We provide complimentary facilitation trainings for schools organisations with bulk orders. We also do provide very comprehensive resources and training materials.

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Basic & Advanced versions for different age groups within the same board game.


Suitable for classrooms, workshops or coaching – whether it is in a group or 1-on-1 setting.


Play it over a single 3-hour session, or break it up into multiple shorter sessions.


Each set comes with a comprensive 56-page resource booklet with debriefing questions and research done on mindset.

From our teaching experience, audiences who listened to differences between Growth and Fixed mindsets often found it both easy and abstract.

Easy because we can summarise the key differences between a Growth and Fixed mindset in one presentation slide. Yet many audiences find it an abstract concept as they failed to discover the differences themselves, least internalise them.

The Mindset Board Game was created to help players discover the differences between Growth and Fixed mindsets themselves through a fun, experiential, and engaging way.

In addition, because the participants can (and hopefully, want to) play the game again and again, the key principles are reinforced. As such it will help the players internalise the principles of a Growth and Fixed mindset.

This board game is also an excellent non-invasive coaching tool to understand the mindset of a client. Through the behaviours and conversations made by the players, we gain a much deeper insight into their mindsets, which offered us many coaching opportunities.

We hope that the Mindset Board Game can benefit you as much as it has benefitted us.

Imagine if students (and adults) love challenges, view failures as stepping stones to success, see effort as a process towards mastery, persist in the face of obstacles, and are inspired by the successes of others, they are more likely to achieve more.

The Mindset board game is created to introduce the ideas surrounding a Growth mindset. And through introducing the importance of a Growth mindset, we hope to encourage participants towards living up to their true potentials.

We are not suggesting that with mindset everything is possible. But with the right mindset, we never know where the boundaries are.


We have created the Mindset Board Game at affordable prices in hope to benefit as many educational institutions as possible. Please do drop us an email so we can discuss how we can help you while keeping our mission sustainable.


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